“We answer your questions”

1 - The reservation

You can organize your rental online or by phone . Just log in and choose your dates, destination, boat, tour and options and book securely on our site 24 hours a day .

You can also contact one of our advisors directly by email: contact @ sunseaantilles.com or by phone at + (596) 696 88 88 38 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (-5 a.m. in winter / – 6 a.m. in summer time difference with Paris).

Payment is made by credit card directly on our secure site or by VAD by phone with one of our advisers. The accepted credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard and CB.

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You must pay the amount of the 30% deposit at the time of booking . The payment of the balance must be made, at the latest, 30 days before your departure , you will receive an email a few days before to remind you of the deadline.

To analyze the possibilities of paying in several installments of your balance , please contact our advisors by mail: contact@sunseaantilles.com or by telephone at + (596) 696 88 88 38 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (-5h in winter / -6h in summer shift </ em >
timetable with Paris).

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Please be assured that we are doing our best to meet your needs. However, any request to book additional options is subject to availability.

You can upgrade your cruise at any time , just contact one of our advisors by email: contact@sunseaantilles.com or by phone at + (596) 696 88 88 38 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (-5h in winters / -6h in summer time difference with Paris) .

2 - The catamaran​

You must be 22 years old to rent a Sun Sea boat.

For all rental requests without a skipper, Sun Sea requires the presentation of a offshore license. The management reserves the right to validate your rental after examination of your maritime experience via the form “Nautical CV”.

If your maritime experience is deemed insufficient to rent one of our vessels without a skipper, we will assign you a professional skipper (cost at your expense: 250 € / night).

During your cruise, the professional skipper will ensure your safety , that of the ship and will assist you in your daily life (use of equipment, piloting the tender, etc.). Our skippers have in-depth knowledge of the sailing conditions of the Caribbean Sea and its seabed.

In addition, our captains will have the pleasure of sharing with you their knowledge of West Indian culture and will thus be able to enhance your stay with incredible anecdotes.

The maximum number of passengers varies depending on the crew options chosen: skipper and / or chef (fe); / skipper and / or host (ess).

Please note that when booking a stay with a crew, we inform you that you must allocate one cabin per crew member.

We strive to find pairs, skipper and host (sse) or skipper and chef (fe) in order to minimize the number of cabins used by the crew.

However we cannot guarantee the availability of a buddy.

Children are welcome and remain under the full responsibility and supervision of their parents during their stay on board.

If you have opted for an on-board host (s) or a Private Chef , he / she will be happy to concoct menus adapted to the preferences of young and old. big.

The catamarans are particularly stable and offer a large single storey surface and many shaded seats, which are pleasant to live in for seniors.

However, they are not approved to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

Animals are not allowed on the catamarans.

No , only the rental of the catamaran as a whole is offered in order to offer you a personalized stay and preserve your privacy.

3 – Preparing for the trip

  • For stays of less than 3 months, no visa is required for citizens with identity card or a valid passport and being nationals of the following countries: Member country of the European Union, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Canada, USA, residents with a residence permit in France.
  • All non-residents must have a return ticket. Please note that Martinique and Guadeloupe are overseas departments French and therefore do not form part of the Shengen area. Therefore, holders of a visa for the Shengen area need a visa extension to be able to travel to Martinique or Guadeloupe .
  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after the return date is required for the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Brunei, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Honduras, Malta, Mexico, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, the Vatican, Singapore, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela.

If your country is not in the list above , then you need a visa to go to Martinique or to Guadeloupe .

Comfortable beach clothes and light are recommended on board. For evenings, pants or summer dresses will be appropriate. For cool or windy evenings, a windbreaker or sweater can be useful.
It is customary to remain barefoot on a boat. Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes and trainers necessary for the desired activities.

Protection against the sun is essential, bring sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats or caps , lycras are also recommended, especially for children.

Prefer soft luggage which is easier to store in the boat. You do not need to bring sheets or towels.

4 – Life on board

You can board from 5 p.m.
We offer a paid option: “early departure” which allows you, depending on availability, to board from 9:00 a.m.

Sun Sea offers the most modern equipment , navigation systems by satellite GPS , autopilots and cockpit speakers. The cabins and the saloon are air conditioned.
Our boats are equipped with fins (various sizes), individual “snorkel mask” kits are available during the covid-19 pandemic.

You can also reserve stand-up paddle boards.
You can book all your options and your cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities at the time of your reservation on our website and with our advisers.

The services included in the service depend on the options you have booked. In addition to the rental of a motor catamaran we can enhance your stay with various services (reservation of restaurants, shows, or other site visits …) . With Sun Sea anything is possible.

Sure! If you use the services of a host or a chef, the latter will be happy to adapt their menus to your dietary preferences.
For the provisioning option, you can directly place your order online via the following links:
For Martinique : www.appro-zagaya.fr < / span> www.leaderprice-avitaillement.com www.carrefour-marin.fr </ a >
For Guadeloupe :
https://appromarine.wordpress.com < / span> / + (590) 690 83 84 88 / appromarine@orange.fr < / span>

On medical prescription , you will be able to follow your care treatments on board or during a stopover on land. Remember to anticipate this request with one of our advisers, so that we can best ensure your medical follow-up.

Regulations are constantly evolving, so we advise you to consult the information on the site www.gouvernement.fr , ( or the site of the government of your country of origin ) you can also get information from your airline.

5 –Navigation

For themed cruises, the itinerary of your circuit will already be established.
If you would like to create your own circuit, do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@sunseantilles.com to establish a navigation plan with the help of one of our Sun Sea advisors and your skipper.

Mooring fees may apply depending on your mooring location . You will need provide a cash register to pay them directly to maritime affairs.

If you decide to navigate out of these waters, you will then need to check with the authorities concerned to obtain the desired information.

Anchoring costs can vary considerably: they average $ 25 per night in the Caribbean, but can reach up to $ 60 depending on the area

A semi-rigid dinghy equipped with a speedboat is at your disposal. The skipper is responsible for dropping you ashore and bringing you back on board after your land excursions.

You can use your mobile phone’s tethering (connectivity and speed may vary depending on the navigation area).

As an option, a 4G wifi terminal can be made available to you during your cruise.

In the areas of Martinique and Guadeloupe, local operators ensure call relaying. You can however check with your service provider mobiles before your trip to activate the international calling option if necessary.

All boats are equipped with a VHF radio (ship on shore) so that the base Marina can reach you at all times. Also, be sure to leave Sun Sea contact details with your loved ones before your departure.

The captain can decide to change the itinerary in case of bad weather . Delays or cancellations due to weather disturbances are very rare.

6 –Practical Info

You board your catamaran from Marina de Bas-du-Fort in Guadeloupe or Marina du Marin in Martinique. If you take the transfer option, we will meet you at the airport and take you to your boat. At the end of your cruise stay, you will return to the departure Marina (or another marina depending on your options and routes) for a transfer to the airport.
The owner of the catamarans has taken out an insurance policy, guaranteeing the lessee against damage he could commit to the body of the boat , its accessories and outbuildings, total or partial theft, as well as recourse third parties for material damage and for bodily injury (civil liability). The tenant remains his own insurer up to the amount of the deposit. In the event of theft or loss of the tender and / or its outboard motor, the lessee must bear all the costs of purchasing the equipment. The insurance policy does not guarantee the persons transported on the boat against accidents of which they could be victims , except in the case where the liability of the lessor and / or owner would be engaged (defective equipment …). The lessor and / or owner disclaims all liability for loss or damage concerning the lessee’s personal property or which may affect the lessee or his guests. Individual insurance for the transported persons can be taken out by the hirer, for his benefit and at his expense, to cover the risks mentioned.
It is customary to leave a tip at the end of the cruise (approximately 10% of the service). The tip is however optional and depends on the quality of the service received.

For information purposes only, the average diesel consumption of our catamaran at a speed of 11 knots (recommended cruising speed) is 25 to 30 liters per hour depending on the boat load.