Guadeloupe or “Karukera” – which means “The Island of Beautiful Waters” in indigenous language – is an island that can be explored between land and sea.
Sail from island to island and explore its archipelago: from baie des Saintes to La Désirade, passing by the majestic Marie-Galante, without forgetting to stop off at the paradise that is Petite-Terre… Go on an adventure in the heart of its luxuriant nature, learn about its history and authentic traditions through its architectural, but also gastronomic and cultural treasures.
From Grande Terre and its white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees, to La Soufrière volcano surrounded by its dense rainforest full of waterfalls and rivers in Basse-Terre, passing by the sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see and its numerous distilleries that you can of course visit, without forgetting its colourful markets with their myriad of perfumes and flavours…
Guadeloupe is an ideal destination, with sites that are as incredible as they are numerous, underwater, on land and from the air, its diversity will surprise you throughout your stay.

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